Where am I? My body is all numb. Everything is pitch black. I can’t see or hear anything. Is this heaven? Kind of anticlimactic. Will I be here forever?

Shit, I don’t like this at all. I can’t move an inch of my body. Is this my punishment for not being able to visit my father’s funeral? Is this punishment for disobeying my mother?


…Hell it is. This is rather a reward isn’t it?


I finally get to die. I don’t have to deal with my guilt anymore. I’m sorry, Yuna nee san, but I’ll be dying first.

When I reincarnate into another life, please let me be able to do whatever I want.

[Wish granted. Ryuu Shin acquired <Authority>. Ryuu Shin gained <Authority> over <The World> <Divine> and <Universe>. Unifying <Authority of the World> <Authority of Divine> and <Authority of Universe> into <True Authority>. Evolving Ryuu Shin into <True Divine>. Ryuu Shin is now renamed <Azathoth>.]

Holy- what was that voice just now!? Authority? Over those words I can’t fully comprehend!? I evolved into <True Divine>!? I’m now renamed Azathoth!?

What is happening!? Ah- it’s bright!! Where’s this light suddenly coming from!? Am I being reincarnated?? I’m so lost! Is this a situation where one gets super cheat power from the get go?




I hear a sweet voice in front of me. Where the endless void was was now replaced by a medieval castle’s throne room. The pillars on my side supported the high ceiling decorated with chandeliers. The owner of the voice was a girl about my age, wearing a fancy dress and jewelry.

Her blonde hair and drooped blue eyes gave off a mature and calm atmosphere around her. She was panting heavily and sweat formed around her face.

I quickly look around me, and find four classmates of my school, including my two best friends, Haku and Fuyuki. There were two others, the student council president, Rin senpai and school ikemen, Kouta senpai. All of them looked confused as I am.

On the throne facing us was a bearded old man dressed in fancier clothes than the girl. Judging by the situation from the light novels Fuyuki forced me to read, could this actually be like a hero summoning to defeat the demon king or something?! Possibly not…

“Welcome Heroes. Please help our world from the malice, Demon King and get rid of evil.”

It’s here!!!!

Admit it. It’s trash…

I did technically kept bashing my fingers on the keyboard half asleep in the airplane after all.