First of all, I’m sorry. I just don’t have the perseverance to continue translating Like Hell I’m Gonna Captured! This doesn’t mean I won’t stop, it’s just that I’ll do it whenever I feel like it. My trash translation skills doesn’t help either. It’s just that the process is too tiring. I would love it if someone else picked up this novel, because I basically started translating this because I wanted to read more of this story. So just remember this:

  1. I’m only doing this because I want to read the story myself. I would be very happy if someone else picked up this novel.
  2. I will translate this when I want to. I’m not dedicated enough to work on this like Shinsori or Raisingthedead or whatever translators and editors who does it like daily.
  3. It’s not like this novel is the only novel out there. There are countless interesting light novels I read like Cloudy Eyes LilianneTensei Shitara Slime Datta KenOverlordKumo Desu Ga, Nani ka? etc.

Plus, I’m going to Europe for a month. Maybe I can finish the rest of chapter 22 or few, if someone picks this up. That’s it for me, enjoy :3.

P.S 40% is edited, 60% is Google translated. But it’s still decent, I guess. Better than what I’ve seen in She professed herself the pupil of the wise man. But my translation is trash and always will be.

Hai, we are currently in the car, and we are already at Kanboshi(?). I bought breakfast at convenience store before entering IC interchange (You know, like state borders?). I also brought some snacks like Pockies that won’t get you hands dirty. Teka, Kiho bought while singing Lun Lun and Han Song (?). I only brought two onigiris and one tea. I usually eat bread for breakfast, but don’t you want to eat onigiri instead of bread in cars (I usually prefer pockies out of both of them)? Ah, I guess it’s only me. I bought Sakebata and Wakame. Sakebata was slightly warmed up, so it’s still warm after awhile. It’s delicious. Kiho and Kaede chan are also buying onigiris and tea.

Boys, as expected, buys 4 onigiris and a bread. It’s amazing, how they can fit all that in their stomachs. But, I don’t think carbonated drinks are suitable with onigiri. And how carbonated acids are, they aren’t suitable as a drink for long distance travel.

[Mother: Speaking of which, I was going to ask you something.]

While i was thinking about such things, Mrs. Tatebayashi talks to me.

[Sora: What might that be?]

[Mum: These members, how did you guys became friends?]

……Hmm? Now that you mention it, how did we?

[Now that you mention it, how did we?]

[Kaede: Kiho and I are from the same junior high, and I was able to get along with Sora san through Kiho chan, but I don’t know how we got along with Houzouin and co.]

Kiho and Kaede chan doesn’t understand either.

[Tatebayashi: ……I wonder how it happened.]

[Nabeshima: I wonder which reason made us get along.]

Tatebayashi and Nabeshima doesn’t seem to know either. There is a possibility that this will lead us into a labyrinth (It’s literally what it says, it’s a metaphor, or an idiom I don’t know! I’m not American!).

[That’s it, it’s when I suggested Katagiri san to be the class president. (See Ch.6)]

……Ah, that’s when it started.

[So, after that, flushed Florentin into the water (Metaphor?! Idiom?!)? From where we treated it, we came to have lunch together several times.]

It was, it was (Sodatta sodatta. You know, when Asian moms get together and chat? I hear these a lot.) Well, I don’t have any particular memory of me inviting you. Before I knew it, I started not to care. I don’t have memory of getting along.

[……Hey, why did I get sweets together at that time?]

[Didn’t I told you that Sora helped me?]

[You did say something like that. Speaking of which, what did you help with, Sora san?]

While Kaede chan waved to me, but I don’t remember Tatebayashi……Well, I felt it was something like that. Was it really necessary to thank you at that time?

[I was asked for something that is involved in a charous person at the entrance and exit]

[Well, I told you that I thanked you for helping me with that.]

When I answer, Kaede chan makes an expression that she is convinced, and Kiho listens.

[Ah, something like that happened. Is it ok?]

[It’s alright. Especially because it’s not tangled. (Seriously, my trash translation skills.)]

[Is that so. Then it’s okay.]

When hearing my words, Tatebayashi asked who seemed to have remembered. Well, I was tangled only once after that, but there was no harm and there was not any problem in particular.

But it’s that.

Imagawa It’s fine with you, Is it Tatebayashi, a natural thing or something? Usually I don’t hear anything after those who helped a bit like that. That’s why I get cookies with hair (Idiom?!).

Well, I do not like that kind of threat attack! Is it such a thing to say that? Oh, that, Hoshimono Onna. Himono Banzai!

[Ah, that … I can not think why I got along with everyone … ….]

When I was giving praise to the dried fish, Nabeshima responded so warmly and raised my hands and said such a thing.

By the way, both Takaraginin and Tatebayashi had reasons for a while, but why is Nabeshima kid?

…… If you notice, have you stayed?

[Oh, why is it like I was there when I realized something?]

[Surely, I did not notice when you noticed it.]

[… …, as Tatebayashi said, it feels like I did not notice!]

[Yes, when I noticed it,]

[Treatment of me … Well, I knew, I knew, and it is sad that I can not even think about it myself]

Nabeshima is dropping his shoulder, but it certainly does not come up with anything else. But I do not think there is anything wrong with getting friends without any reason.

What is it? It seems like there was something like a trigger. ……Ah!

[… … Ball game competition]

[[[[[That’s it!]]]]]

Everyone reacts when I mutter. I wonder how it reacted to himself, Nabeshima.

Even then, I was glad I could remember it. This is the feeling that I could get the small bones caught in my throat. I feel so much better.

[I see, Sora-chan is motivated at all.]

Tatebayashi’s mother does not deflect his eyes while looking forward, but he says so with a grin.

Did you think so from being involved with a man? Separately I do not want to motethe.

[Kaede: Speaking of which, Sora san]

Kaede chan talks to me about what he’s saying. I wonder what?

Somewhat scared of my eyes shining.

[Kaede: How many people confessed to you at Senior High School? I was called out for a while]

Oh, is that the story of such a system?

Well, I like Kaede – chan, that kind of story. I am not very good at me though.

[… … I ceased counting from around more than 10 people]

At the beginning of admission it was terrible. I was called on every holiday. That’s bad.

So at the beginning I counted the number of idiots, but gradually became troublesome and stopped counting.

I have calmed down recently, sometimes I come to confess, only once in a few days there are objects that seem to be love letters in the shoebox.

You do not have to dispose of love letters. It is something I wrote courage fully with full mind. I can also discourage throwing away, and I do not want to take it and take it home.

Well, I’m throwing in while thinking that it can not be done every time. Does that feeling of guilt somehow come? Oh, I do not read anything, there is nothing like sweet skin of little finger. I can rather say you are in trouble because you do not feel like reading.

[…… I do not want to say such a thing because it’s OK.]

[It’s just confusing or confusing?]

[I certainly want you to forgive me for being confessed to someone I do not like. I am tired.]

[Oh, I do not want to be confessed to people who do not know so much, I do not see inside]

[But I do not want to be confessed to those who thought they were good friends and friends. I have one experience but I’m depressed.]

[Please stop it! My life is zero!]

Since Nabeshima’s cry came in, this topic has ended.

Well, I think that people who think that they would like to be confessed or the like can be understood by doing so. It’s just a hassle.

Even if confessed to a person who does not like it, it is troublesome. It is really troublesome to think about how to refuse.

Separately, the fact that you got a favor is not a pleasure. However, it is troublesome only.

Well, it is a translation that does not convey unless feelings are conveyed, but I understand it.

You do not have to tell me. Your feelings will not reach me. Because I do not want another youth like kicking a soccer ball thoughtfully to you.

[Everyone is motivated, then let’s have one advice from an aunt to such motivated girls!]

Tatebayahi’s mother interrupts, teary eyed, smiling and laughing.

But, well, there is sense of incompatibility in my aunt. Whatever you see, I wish. whatever. What is advice?

[Do not get caught up with a strange man, want a grandson, a man who will not be making a woman else is absolutely useless!]

…… Uwa, you can not laugh. Tatebayashi’s mother talks with laughter, but he can not laugh.

Anyway, we could only return ambiguous reply to us.

After that, I continued a loveless conversation, while riding music and singing with everyone headed for Niigata.

Take a break in the SA service area on the way or buy fried Takoyaki while enjoying.

The food in the service area is expensive, but it is rather tasty, but it is strange that you will want to buy something like fried takoyaki and stalls.

Even though this is not a big taste as compared with ordinary. I wonder why. I wonder if this is also proof that the tension of the wallet is loose in traveling tension.

If you are confused, basically Sora ponders about food, Tatebayashi’s mother asks how this group of friends were made and how they got along, they ponder about that, and Nabeshima’s HP reaches 0 because he is infact, still a virgin. Oh yeah, they also talk about love confessions.