When I arrived at the station, no one was there yet.

Well, to arrive 5 minutes prior, I did leave 5 minutes before the 5 minutes before the meeting time. It is currently 10 minutes before the meeting time. As usual, as usual (Note: She is saying this happens every time.) This is my normal speed. As expected, I have been doing this all the time including my previous life. And I doubt this habit will go away any soon.

Well, for now I’ll wait for awhile. As expected, no one’s around at this time. Everyone goes to work around 7 to 8 o’clock. Kids on Summer vacation aren’t usually up this early as well.

…… Huh, there aren’t many people around so passerby observations are empty. (人通りが多くないから通行人観察も暇だなあ。This is what I’m getting at) Once in awhile, I carry books in my tote bag, so should I read it? Hmm? What am I reading? Right now, I’m have “Oda Nobunaga” by Yamaoka Sōhachi sensei. I haven’t read this yet. It’s interesting. No, yeah, it doesn’t matter. How great my book is doesn’t really matter. 

[Kiho: Oh, Sora is already here!]

When I was crouching down at the side of the road whilst staring at the road, I heard Kiho’s voice from behind. Looking at my wristwatch, it seems that the 5 minutes already past.

[Sora: Ohayo, Kiho, Kaede-chan]

[Kiho: Ohayo~! Iya~. what a great seaside!]

[Kaede: Ohayo gozaimasu, I’m glad it’s sunny.]

Then they laugh. It’s really cute. I looked at my clothes for the first time in a long time, it’s really pretty. Beautiful (TN Note: The original said “it’s really good. Great” which doesn’t really make sense in English.) Kiho is wearing mini denim fabric Salopette skirt, and a puff cut with a border pattern. Kaede has a rolled up denim short pants, camis and knitwear. Imagining Kaede’s panties is rather refreshing. It’s a strange feeling that the appearance of those two switching isn’t bad. Well, since pants Kaede is cute too, there is no problem at all!

[Sora: It seems the weather will be nice for awhile. I’m glad.]

[Kiho: Fuhaha! Would you like me to not lick the sunny woman (晴れ女を舐めないで貰おうか!It may be some sort of a Japanese phrase or something..)!]

If I tried to return, Kiho starts to act strangely. I see. Kiho was the sunny woman. I also thought both of them were similar, somehow a sunny woman and Kiho both seems very strong (なんか希帆の晴れ女っぷりって凄く強そう). It looks like the energetic power blows the rainy clouds away.

[Sora: Well, Kiho does emit the sunny feeling.]

[Kaede: Oh, that’s certainly the case. Looking now, she’s definitely a sunny woman.]

[Kiho: What do you mean!?]

(Note: I think it’s implying that Kiho is certainly energetic and cheerful.)

Kiho reacts, but the other two laughs and talks.

Even if you ask, we can answer “that’s how it is”.

Kiho, who makes everyone’s day just by being together says “she isn’t a sunny woman.”

[Ah, ano, ohayo gozaimasu.]

Suddenly hearing a voice, all three turned back and saw Nabeshima who was wrapped in yellow and floral patterns.

Strictly speaking, it was Nabeshima wearing a mustard-colored polo shirt and hibiscus patterned half pants. What should I say, the feeling of sea! Iya, it suits you. Even so, it’s the feeling of sea! I wonder if this tension will stay.

[Kiho: Oh, Nabeshima-kun! Hey~! You’re very ocean like!]

Apparently, Kiho also thought the same thing. Kaede-chan laughs casually next to us.

[Sora: Nabeshima-kun, ohayo.]

[Kaede: Ohayo Gozaimasu.]

[Nabeshima: Ohayo Gozaimasu. Iya, I realized that I was dressed like this before I knew it.]

When we greeted each other, Nabeshima said so and laughed. I didn’t notice that the tension haven’t risen much, I told you. Well, I guess it’s sort of like that. If the tension is too high, you’ll want to skip from the first day, and completely forget it (what?). Well, he’s the type that has high tension the whole trip, then becomes the down type coming back. Yeah, high tension the whole trip isn’t good either. Let’s keep it moderate.

When I looked at the time after Nabeshima came, it was the meeting time soon. Maybe the rest will come soon? Perhaps, they will come by car.

While thinking this,
[Tatebayashi: Sorry, did you wait?]

A car stopped in front of me, then the passenger seat opened, and Tatebayashi came out. I haven’t waited so long, and you came just in time so there isn’t a problem.

[Sora: No, you arrived in time, so it’s okay. Ohayo.]

[Kiho: Ohayo~!]

[Kaede: Ohayo Gozaimasu.]


[Oh, ohayo.]

[Houzouin: Everyone, ohayo gozaimasu.]

Finally, Houzouin was the last one to come out of the sliding door, and the greetings were over. I was surprised when Houzouin was wearing something other than the school uniform; it felt totally different from his usual atmosphere.

Anyway, the damaged jeans and a thin pink retro-color polo shirt. I was surprised that he could dress like this. And, it’s hateful to have such a dress suit you.

For Tatebayashi, he’s wearing rolled up thin denim shirt, and a white t shirt. I saw sunglasses on his chest and he was wearing black bottoms. Like what should I say, that. That physique doesn’t fit a normal Japanese. But why does it suit you! – that feeling. He has long legs, and it’s quite nice and suits you. Seriously, your physique doesn’t match normal Japanese. Hmm? You saw that? Yea, I know.

[Tatebayashi: Oh, I will introduce you my luggage.]

Saying that, Tatebayashi looks behind him, there was a woman who came out of the car.

[Tatebayashi’s mother: My luggage….]

…… It’s a funny introduction. How should I respond..

[Mother: Hey, can’t you try to introduce more straightforwardly? Can’t be helped. I was just introduced, I am Tatebayashi’s mother. Nice to meet you!]

With energy, Tatebayashi’s mother introduces herself. She was different from how I imagined her to be. It may be rude to say this, but she was different from how I imagined her to be (TN Note: She said it twice to emphasize how different she was.) I thought that I was a simple person. Tatebayashi had such a feeling. But, the person who is in front of me now was a cute person. A cute little person who can pat her eyes, and laugh when laughing. In the first place, can a person this young have a son who is already in high school? I am sure that this person is a college student!

Oh no, okay. Anyway I’ll have to say hello. I will be indebt to her.

[Sora: Etto, I’m Katagiri Sora, thank you for your help.]

When I introduced myself and bowed, everyone’s greetings continued one after another.

[Kiho: I’m Kaburagi Kiho! Thanks for taking care of us!]

[Kaede: I’m Agatsuma Kaede. Thank you for taking care of us.]

[Nabeshima: I’m Naoshige Nabeshima. Thanks for taking care of us!]

[Mother: Un un, everyone is so polite and nice. This old lady won’t have to worry about a thing.]

Whilst talking about that, Tatebayashi’s mother laughs, but this person calls herself old, but I can’t understand. Because, because you know? No matter how hard you look, she looks like she is at her late 20s! Why does she refer to herself as old? I can’t possibly comprehend.

[Houzouin: Well then, let’s go to the convenience store on the way to buy breakfast and drinks.]

While I was deep in thought about Mrs.Tatebayashi’s appearance, Houzouin spoke. Iya, I was thinking of being the tsukkomi. Well, let’s go to the sea.

However, as expected, it was early in the morning, everyone thought that it was too early to eat breakfast. Still, it would’ve been embarrasing if I was left alone like this. (TN: Thinking about being the tsukkomi?)