Finally at last, the day arrived! It’s the sea! The Niigata! The Sea of Japan! I’m looking forward to it!
Well, the tension is high as it is. Let’s move on to the subject.

First of all, I will review the participants. There are seven of us, Tatebayashi’s mother, Kiho, Kaede-chan, Houzouin, Tatebayashi, and Nabeshima.

The destination is the Niigata prefecture. It’s 30 minutes by car to the rental cottage. Iya, I would’ve like to rent it near the sea. There were many campgrounds near the sea, but not many vacation homes. There are only highlands there. So there was this holiday villa located 30 minutes by car, which seemed to be good in the near future (で、近めで良さそうだったのが、車で30分の位置にある I have no idea how to translate this..). Well if you’re going to sightsee in Niigata, it’s 1 hour by car, and 30 minutes is nice (まあ、新潟を観光するなら、車で1時間とか平気で移動するわけだし、30分なら別にいいよね。I’m sorry I’m so inexperienced..)

That’s it. It is now 5:30 in the morning. I got up at 4:30 today. I’m a bit sleepy as expected. Why wake up so early, if the meeting was 6:00? Because it takes about 4 hours to Niigata by car, I decided to gather at this time because I wanted to arrive before noon. I thought I’d prepare for everyone’s breakfast early in the morning, but it’ll become an extra luggage so I gave up. You can always buy bread or rice balls at convenience stores, un.

Oh, it’s not good to go soon. It’s common knowledge to arrive shortly before the meeting. About 5 minute or so before the meeting. Well, I arrive extra 5 minutes earlier; it is basic to arrive 10 minutes prior. Waiting around is fun as well, so that’s one way to enjoy waiting. (Note: These sentences doesn’t make sense, but I’m guessing that she enjoys waiting 10 minutes prior to the actual meeting time.)

Oh, what I’m wearing today. I’m wearing black and white border pattern,sleeveless long dress,and white sleeveless chiffon blouse. The black collar and buttons are emphasized. Shoes are knitted wedge sandals, and I tried finishing with Summer Raffia hat.

Raffia hat is my favorite hat to use in Summer. Well, it’s impossible to wear it for school. When I go somewhere, I’ll definitely say I’m going to suffer. (どこかに行く時は必ずと言っていい程被るんじゃないかな。I have no idea.) I’m scared of heat strokes. Also, I don’t like umbrellas, so my hat is important. I have around 3 raffia hats that I use. This time, because we are going to the sea, I picked a one that’ll shelter me better from the sun (今回は海って事でツバが広めのやつにしたよ。I think this is what is saying.)

By the way, I brought beach sandals and sneakers. I’ll need beach sandals for the sea, and sneakers protects my feet. I’m only worried about sandals.

The carry bag is my mother’s hand-me-down. It’s a Chocolate-boston style carry bag. Because it’s cute, it is my favorite. After that, because this is Summer, I have a raffia material tote bag (あとは、こちらも夏っぽくって事でラフィア素材のトートバック。I’m trying my best.)

[Mom:Ara, Sora, are you going already?]

My preparation is over, but my mother came to me as soon as I was about to leave. I told my mother the time to leave the house, but I was a bit surprised when I was still asleep. (Note: I think she meant she told her mother to wake her up at the leaving time.)

[Sora:Un, I’ll be going. I will buy souvenirs.]

[Mom: Okay, have a good time. Be mindful for accidents. Sora coming home safely is the top priority.]

[Sora: Hehe, I’ll be careful.]

Huhuhuu, we are fairly non-interfering (laissez-faire/ うちって結構放任主義だけど) but being told off is nice. Can you say that you can figure out if you are being loved? Take care of yourself firmly and buy souvenirs properly.

Once again, I leave home after saying one more goodbye to my mother. Because it’s 2 nights 3 days long trip, I won’t be able to meet my family for the next 3 days. It’s somewhat sad, but it’s not my first time. Let’s enjoy this trip to the fullest.