It was just a normal, unsuspecting day for Kamiya Rin, birds chirping, trees swaying, and the sun setting. Rin was just on his way to home, after finishing his after school lessons his parents forced him to go. Rin looked around, variety of stalls selling vegetables, local kids running around playing, and a stray alley cat running away after noticing Rin’s gaze. This scenario would’ve been normally what everyone hopes for, a peaceful life. Rin softly lifted his head, his eyes narrowing on the bright radiance of the sun.

[Rin: This is so boring.]

Rin squinted his eyes at the sun and his expression was grim. He lowered his head, immediately changing his expression, his face returning to that of an innocent teenager just finished with school.

Boredness, is a term Rin took a particular interest too. The feeling of weariness due to lack of interest or events happening. People each have their own taste and mostly determine their next course of action depending on it. However, Rin was different. He didn’t had any taste, or something particularly he was interested in. Everything seemed boring to him. If there is anything that can satisfy Rin in this world, then shouldn’t already be interested in something, the whole 16 years of his life? Rin hated himself for it, isn’t being curious a unique aspect of humans? If Rin didn’t find anything interesting his whole life, then would he even be considered as a human? He wasn’t particularly picky about anything, he doesn’t have any wants. Rin shares and helps because it’s beneficial. But beneficial to what? Pondering, Rin walked through a rather noisy residential street, the same street he used to walk with his parents. Perhaps a feeling of nostalgia hit upon Rin, he stopped and glanced around. It was all exactly how it used to be, Rin thought into himself then was about to start walking again, only to be interrupted by a scream.

[???: Kyaa! Somebody! Help!]

Rin suddenly heard a frightened scream of a woman in the dark alley, where he saw the cat. He rushed to where the screaming took place, finding that a group of shady figures are closing in on a lady.

[Ojou-san, how would you like to go get a drink together?]

[Look at that body!]

[Come on, let’s go to the bar together!]

Already a group of citizens were there surrounding the scene, making scornful remarks and disapprovals. Yet, why won’t they help her? No one’s even calling the cops! Rin thought to himself as he arrived at the scene. The scar of society, no the whole human race, selfishness. People are selfish, they only help to benefit themselves. There is no truly selfless person, as they are selfish themselves. 8 billion people on this planet makes whatever move they want, walking to school, studying, talking, all these actions are for their own benefit. The biggest mystery in this world should be the human behavior of altruism, not imaginary fantasies like aliens or the bermuda triangle. But Rin is no different.

The assault continued and people started to call the police after taking their time watching what is happening behold them. This isn’t particularly something new, men assaulting women has happened plenty of times before. It should’ve happened before, but.. What is this feeling Rin is having right now? Anxiety? This should’ve been happened before, yet why is he feeling such emotions? Currently inside Rin, the biggest mystery was occurring right now. Is this finally what Rin has dreamed of, something that interest him? Rin couldn’t stand any longer, he felt he must respond to this feeling, this lust right away.

[Rin: Stop it!]

The group of men looked at Rin as if he was delusional, a high schooler dealing with full grown group of adult?

[What is this? A shounen manga? Are you trying to be some sort of a hero here, boy?]

[Hey come on, this kid is trying to do something noble here, why not have a little fun with him?]

Instantly, a striking pain hit Rin in the stomach, followed by a kick on the back of his head. Collapsing, Rin’s head fell to the ground; stream of blood spreading through the rocks and gravel. The men continued to thrash Rin repeatedly, kicking his head, shoulders, knees and the stomach. Every blow stung, and bruised Rin’s body.

The men’s movement were amateurish, they were just repeating the same movements, but their strength of an adult did some damage. If it weren’t for the age difference, Rin could’ve easily defeated them. But in this situation, Rin could only huddle pathetically, whilst getting beaten up. The woman being assaulted just sat there, watching the violence happening before her. Rin slightly looked at her; what he saw wasn’t a gaze of pity or horror, but an expression of relief.

Rin figured out, no he already knew. He knew it yet he still got in this situation. Humans are selfish. They won’t care unless it affects themselves. He hated himself even more, realizing that he has put himself in this pitiful situation. He couldn’t bear it! The pounding of his heart sped up, and he could hear the sound of his pulse from the blood. His eyes grew murky, and the sense of anger rose deep in his chest. Even Rin himself was surprised he could feel this way.

A sense of bloodlust shrieked within his heart, making him to despise the very existence of this group of men, the woman, the humanity, this world. So-called justice didn’t apply to him anymore, as Rin roughly stood up, all bruised up, and his arms dangling with no strength. Rin observed his clothes and skin, all messed up and scratched. The group of men looked at Rin pitifully, no amusingly. The woman looked up at Rin as well, with somewhat of a worried expression.

[Rin: Don’t you dare look at me with that hypocritical face.]

Hearing this, the woman was shocked and turned around to run away.

[Ah, she ran away]

[You better pay for letting that woman go, boy]

The sense of bloodlust, rage, lust surged up, to create a certain expression on Rin’s face.


Rin made a smile filled with bloodlust, managing to shake the group of men a little. Because of this one little expression, all the excitement retreated from the men, leaving only confusion behind. And this was Rin’s chance.

Rin quickly dashed at one of the men and punched his face with force. Finally returning from their daze, other one tried to hammer Rin with both of his fist, Rin sensing it and dodging, followed by a drop kick on the neck with enough force to make the man lose balance. The others were stunned, in just a matter of seconds, Rin has managed to defeat two fully grown adults.

[Rin: Two down, five to go]

This was fun, Rin thought. This must be what happiness is, Rin thought. This must be what I yearned for all my life. Rin made a disturbing smile once again, revealing his true nature. This was finally what Rin was hoping for, all his life pursuing and pursuing. His tensed heart sped up even more, heating at an unbelievable rate, turning into a steam in a form of a laughter.

[That’s as far as you go, kid!]

As a man swung his fist, Rin easily dodged it, strike after strike, mockingly. Continuing his chilling laugh, Rin tripped the man with his feet, and grabbed a rock nearby. Rin sat on top of the fallen man, and firmly grasped the nearby rock in his hands, intentionally pointing the sharp area of the rock downwards, then pummeled it down to the man’s eye; creating a large fountain of blood, others witnessing this horrific sadistic event.

[Rin: Ah~ so this is the color of blood… Prettier than I thought it would be..]

His grin was from ear to ear, his eyes wide, bulging from excitement. Screams of the man could be heard, full of pain and agony. Rin carefully placed the rock inside the screaming man’s mouth, the man’s eyes full of fear as if he was staring at a beast. Rin carefully sucked on the blood stained in his fingers, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

[YOU SICK F***!]

Another man who Rin drop kicked earlier dashed at Rin, swinging his fist to Rin’s face, only to miss.

[Rin: Seriously, same attack over and over.]

Rin quickly grabbed the oncoming fist with his bare left hand, his head and right hand propelling forward to his prey’s face, headbutting him. When Rin’s prey fell over once again, another attack came behind him. Turning around, Rin initiated an arm lock and broke his opponent’s arm.

[Rin: You all are so fragile~]


One guy stuck behind Rin and holded him by his arms, preventing Rin from moving. The remaining men all stood up, furious. One by one, they took turns thrusting their fists into Rin, each hit amplified by fear and anger. It was as if all their frustration was put into those strikes, enough to make Rin cough off blood. The three men flinched at the sight of blood, but regained their sense and about to punch again, but their fist stopped, trembling as they saw Rin smiling cynically, showing all its teeth, its bloodthirsty crimson eyes staring back at them.

Not knowing what to do, a man grabbed Rin by its collar and started strangling it.


The man kept strangling Rin with tears in his eyes.

[Rin: Yes I’m human, same as all of you. The same as the rest of humanity. Can’t you see, mister? Humans were originally created to be wild, and be free; not bound by rules and society! I’m just responding to true nature of humans, where only their lives are important, and do what they want to do! I just got it; humans are selfish, no they are savages. We were all meant to be savages, do things whatever we want!]

[Y-You aren’t human.]

With full force, the man let go of Rin and aimed to hit Rin, only to miss and hit the guy who was holding Rin. Rin quickly grabbed the bloody rock, then stabbed the man who was strangling him in the eye, then as if returning all the punches they hit Rin with, Rin stabbed the face of the blinded man multiple times, killing the man.

[Rin: Four alive. I hope you guys left give me some sort of a challenge, the last three went down so easily.]

The remaining four all charged at Rin, one aiming at Rin’s legs. Rin’s leg were kicked, making Rin fall, but luckily standing up quickly enough to dodge a strike to the face. A man tried to punch Rin on his left, but to miss, and get tripped instead. Rin stepped on the tripped man’s face who was facing the rocky ground, then smashed it with all his strength into one leg. After confirming that the man wasn’t getting up, Rin proceeded to face the remaining prey.

[Rin: Three remaining, and seems like you guys are the most durable of the group. Don’t let me down please~]

Even animals can determine the level of their opponent. Thinking this, Rin thought that the remaining men were stronger than the other ones, assuming that this actually might hurt him way more than he thought it would. Rin made a fighting stance he learned in his martial arts lesson, then stared amusingly at the men as if they were a mere prey. The men surrounded Rin, one behind Rin and two in front of Rin.

The men shouted from their guts and advanced, Rin successfully dodging strikes coming from his behind, left, right and center. In the momentum Rin pushed the guy in front of him with his leg, tripping two men at the same time like a domino. Rin then crotched to dodge a strike coming from behind, turned around and stabbed the navel of the guy with his rocks, then twisting it with both of his hands, successfully penetrating the skin, making the guy scream in pain. Rin that taking this chance, grabbed the guy’s face, then slammed it against the wall, grazing his skin on the wall as Rin ran grabbing his face then throwing it to the other men who just got off the ground.

[Rin: Two remaining]

Rin respectively named the guy with scratched face “scratch” and the tall guy “stick”. Stick rushed towards Rin, punching Rin’s face, only to miss, followed by a kick, also only to be missed. Rin threw the rock to Stick’s eyes, jumping to retrieve his rock back, then stabbed both of Stick’s ears, ending it with a pierce to the neck. Understanding the situation he was in, Scratch started to run away only to be tackle down by Rin. Rin pinned the guys calf, then sat on Scratch.

[Rin: One remaining]

Rin opened his mouth, then bite down on Scratch’s neck, ripping out his flesh. A scream full of agony echoed throughout the whole alley, but died down after seconds. Confirming his kill, Rin stood up, feeling satisfied. Rin’s twisted face covered with blood turned back, planning to return home, coming up with an excuse that he was in some kind of an incident, but paused when he saw police officers looking at him with terror, along with some citizens that he noticed, were here on the scene before him.

[Rin: Ah~ Police officer, I caught these group of men who was harassing a woman-]

[Police officer: STAY WHERE YOU ARE!]

The police officer pointed a gun at Rin.

[Police officer: I don’t see anything like sexual harassment, only murder here!]

[Rin: Wait officer, it’s no-]

[Police officer: STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!]

Rin stared at the officer through the screen of blood, holding up his hands, but the terrified officer screamed in terror. Rin felt hopelessness; thinking this was the end. This is how he is going to jail, after just finding his passion. At least he could take at least one more prey before he goes to jail.

[Police officer: Slowly let go of that rock, then put your hands above your head.]

Rin slowly raised his hands, still holding the rock in his hand. As his hand just reached the level of top of his hand, he immediately threw the rock to the police officer, then a sound of a gun was heard. Rin died immediately; taking a bullet to his head, the rock hitting the gun, changing the course of the gun from the abdomen to the forehead. The police approached Rin, holding his feelings of disgust, lament, dread, and terror, as he covered the feral face of the boy named Arata Rin.